Lexicon Schools curriculum & pedagogy rated as 1st in CBSE schools (East Zone) & 2nd leading school in Pune

With great pride we would like to inform you that Times of India had conducted a survey of Pune schools and all the schools having X standard and established before 2010 came under this survey.

Since, our branch was established in 2012 & does not have X standard could not participate but our The Lexicon International School, Wagholi branch came under this survey. And, we have been declared as the 2nd leading school of Pune & 1st in CBSE Schools (East zone) for following the top curriculum as well as the pedagogy. With great pride we inform you that at Lexicon school we follow a uniform curriculum & pedagogy across all our branches.

The news of the same has been covered in The Times School dated 23rd December 2014

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