A state-of-the-art infrastructure and a conducive environment encouraging learning, The Lexicon School, Wagholi is equipped with the latest facilities for our students.

Vibrant, well-lit, and digitally advanced classrooms make learning interesting for both our teachers and students. The ambience of our classrooms is an inviting one, encouraging curiosity, collaboration and concentration. We have installed smart boards to aid our teachers and to encourage the use of technology to stimulate young minds through multisensory learning.

Our furniture and teaching aids are child-friendly and age-appropriate, ensuring that we can rightly address each developmental stage of a child’s mind.

We also have a beautiful activity hall with a variety of equipment to facilitate new teaching and learning methodologies. We have a Wi-Fi enabled campus, and our IT labs are updated with computers and projectors.

We also have a football court, a basketball court, a canteen that serves healthy food, a medical room, music and art/craft rooms, science and maths laboratories, a well-equipped library, e-library and various other activity rooms.

Bus Transport Routes

The school owns a fleet of buses enabled with speed governors monitoring the speed of each driver. All the buses have fire extinguishers, medical safety kids, and all buses are accompanied by a lady attendant. There is also an active and vigilant transport committee to ensure the safety of students.


The Lexicon Schools are a digitally advanced group of schools, with the latest technology integrated into our curriculum with conscious thought and mindfulness. A key element of this advancement has been our brand new ERP system, enabling us to make communication and management as efficient as possible.

Our ERP system allows us to record, monitor, and share details of staff and student progress, attendance, assignments, and various other elements of their time at The Lexicon Schools. This ensures transparency for all our stakeholders- the Management, the administration, the faculty, the students and the parents.

To access our ERP system.

Smart Boards

To enhance tech based education the school has installed smartboards in association with TeachNext which provides a wide CBSE curriculum.

EPTA Committee


Sr.No Name of the Member Designation Class Designation in the Committee
1 Ms Kesar Patel Principal School Chairperson
2 Dr Raju Varghese Management Committee Representative School Member
3 Ms Anusree Jain Teacher Representative I Member
4 Ms Anusha Laddika Teacher Representative II Member
5 Ms Diptimayee Dash Teacher Representative III Secretary
6 Ms Shweta Yadav Teacher Representative IV Member
7 Ms Needa Sayyed Teacher Representative V Member
8 Ms Sheetal Raina Teacher Representative VI Member
9 Ms Sona Deb Biswas Teacher Representative VII Member
10 Ms Savita Pansare Teacher Representative VIII Member
11 Ms Neelam Kanadi Teacher Representative IX Member
12 Mr Pravin Jalkote Teacher Representative X Joint Secretary
13 Ms Christine Rodrigues Teacher Representative XI Member
14 Ms Richika Grover Teacher Representative XII Member
15 Mr Naveen Sharma Parent Representative I Member
16 Mr Pranjal Dutta Parent Representative I Member
17 Mr Shrikrishna Rukme Parent Representative II Member
18 Ms Chandni Sharma Parent Representative III Member
19 Mr Wasim Aziz Shaikh Parent Representative IV Member
20 Mr Subhendu Kumar Patanga Parent Representative V Member
21 Mr Sandip Pingale Parent Representative VI Member
22 Mr Pramod Kumar Gautam Parent Representative VII Member
23 Mr Deepak Tewatia Parent Representative VII Vice Chairperson
24 Ms Sunitha Sarikonda Parent Representative VIII Member
25 Ms Simran Rajiv Khiani Parent Representative IX Joint Secretary
26 Ms Yashashri Prabhu Parent Representative X Member
27 Ms Deepali Sadanand Hingane Parent Representative XI Member
28 Mr Atul Saxena Parent Representative XII Member

School Management Committees

Particulars Name Qualification Occupation Designation Term of membership
Members nominated by the trust Mr. Pankaj Sharma BCS, MBA Trustee Member 3 years
Mrs. Deepti Sharma BSL Director, Lexicon Kids School Member 3 years
The Head of the school. She will be a Member Secretary of the School Managing Committee Mrs. Monisha Sharma B.Tech, MBA. Ph.D Director, The Lexicon Schools Member 3 years
Mrs. Monica Taneja M.A.  M.Ed, MBA. Principal I/C Member 3 years
Two parents of students in the school Mrs. Sonia Bedwa M.A. English, B.Sc,
Service Member 3 years
Mrs. Sarita Sinha M.Sc, B.Ed Service Member 3 years
Two teachers of the school Mrs. Sandhya Singh M.A. B.Ed Teacher Member 3 years
Mrs.Shabana Mulla MCM Teacher Member 3 years
Two other persons (of whom one shall be a woman) who are or have been teachers of any other school or of any college to be nominated by the trust/society/ board. Mrs. Kanika Sahajwalla D.A.NTT M.A(Persuing) Director- Pre-Schools Member 3 years
Mrs. Nandini Tripathi M.A., Bed – Hindi Teacher Member 3 years
Two members from out of a panel recommended by the trust/society/board. If fresh panel may be asked. The names recommended should not be below the rank of a Principal of a Sr. Secondary School. Mrs. Sunita Sharma MA, B.Ed, DSM Ex. Principal, Abhinav English Medium School & Junior College Member 3 years
Dr. Susen Varghese PGDM, M.A Director -Management Institute of Leadership and Excellence MILE Member 3 years
The remaining members to be nominated or elected as the case may be, in accordance with the rules and regulations of the society or trust by which the school is run. Mr. Ajay Shrivastava B.Sc Business Member 3 years
Prof. Parmeshwar Kawale B.Com, NET, MBA Professor Member 3 years
Mr. Akshay Gilda B.Sc computers, MCSA,CCMA,CCMC IT Expert Member 3 years
Mrs. Meenakshi Verma M.A. B.Ed Teacher Member 3 years
Mr. Paresh Kashikar B.Com. M.Com. DTL. PGDBM. MMS Accounts Expert Member 3 years
Mr. Ramesh Tiwari LLB,M.Com Leagal Advisor Member 3 years

Student Council

Section III – IV

Section V – VI

Section VII – VIII

Section IX – X

Section XI – XII

The Lexicon Edge

Our students are the citizens of the 21st century, and it is a time of rapidly growing digital advancements. In this age of technology, teaching, learning, and education cannot be limited to textbooks alone. At The Lexicon Schools, our pedagogical design is one that is advanced by the conscious and mindful integration of technology. To facilitate electronic learning and to develop digital and technological skills, all our School campuses are equipped with IT labs with computers, projectors and internet connections. We also have highly advanced Smart Boards to aid teachers in providing a multisensory, engaging and exciting method of teaching and learning.

In addition to the general IT education, The Lexicon Schools lay strong emphasis on Coding, and ensure that it is integrated from Class I itself. Our coding syllabus is designed for age-appropriate learning, and ensures that we can develop a unique way of logical thinking and digital education.

Our newly launched ERP system is highly advanced, yet user-friendly. Each one of our teachers, parents and students is given a login ID and password, to access relevant material pertaining to their education, homework assignments, updates from the school’s administration, attendance, and several other modules to ensure a smooth process of transparency and communication.

To access the ERP system, click here.

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The Lexicon Schools are affiliated with the CBSE National Board, and abides by the guidelines as instructed by the Board. Our Schools follow teaching methodologies which place the student at the centre of learning, and follow an inquiry-based and interdisciplinary curriculum involving teamwork, motivation and collaboration of students, teachers, staff and parents.

The primary focus is on encouraging enquiry, exploration, and in inculcating growing confidence in key learning skills like reading, writing, listening, speaking, information technology, problem-solving, management skills and observation skills by incorporating various methods like games, songs, creative projects, debates, quiz, graphic organizers, group discussions, role-plays, jolly phonics etc.

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Learning at The Lexicon Schools is not limited to just the classroom or the textbooks; our innovative pedagogical design has ensured that we provide multi-disciplinary, multi-sensory, and a multi-faceted form of learning at our Schools. Through various activities, excursions, seminars, and projects, we facilitate children to delve deep into new concepts in unique ways and go beyond the conventional methods of classroom-based learning.

As our students gain deeper and clearer understanding, they are able to apply and remember their academic concepts better, and are thus able to excel in all their examinations.

This form of teaching methodology also encourages curiosity and critical thinking as it pushes the students beyond their existing limitations.

Innovative Teaching - Experimental learning model
Model United Nation
Royal Rajasthan Exhibition
Research & Development Activity
Pre-Primary - Real Life Demonstration Methods
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All of the teachers of The Lexicon Schools are required to attend regular workshops and seminar organised by the CBSE Board, the School, and several other educational bodies as deemed fit by the Management of the School. This is essential as our teachers must also receive a platform to widen their knowledge of the latest trends in education, and be adept at the most effective ways of delivering their respective content.

Teachers Training
Teachers ' Induction 2019-20
Coding Workshop at The Lexicon Internation School, Wagholi
Wellness Workshop
Science and Math Workshop
Research and Development Workshop at The Lexicon School, Hadapsar
CBSE Master Trainer
CBSE Workshop On Remodelled Structure Of Assessment
CBSE workshop on Class Room Management
English Workshop
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