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Lexicon's Super Speakers

Certificates of Excellence & Certificates of Participation

The Lexicon Schools thank all the participants for making Lexicon’s Super Speakers a successful online elocution competition.

You can download your certificates below.

How to Download

If you are downloading from a computer or a laptop, right-click on the ‘Download’ button, and click ‘Save As’.

If you are downloading from a mobile device, click on ‘Download’. Once the certificate is visible, hold the image for 3-4 seconds, and a pop-up will appear allowing you to save the certificate to your Image Gallery.

The Trophies for the Best Speakers can be collected once The Lexicon Schools reopen.

Certificates of Excellence (Winners)

Certificates of Excellence

Category – 1
Devansh Ghosh Best Speaker: English Download
Trisha Rohatgi Best Speaker: Hindi Download
Agastya Kabnurkar Most Confident Speaker Download
Kumar Gourit Best Content Download
U Sri Manaswini Best Presentation Download
Ananya Bhalani Best Voice Modulation Download
Category – 2
Mrinmayee Saha Best Speaker: English Download
Ishanvi Khede Best Speaker: Hindi Download
Aayush Narsana Most Confident Speaker Download
Iksha Kalwal Best Content Download
Shreesha Jayant Bhide Best Presentation Download
Ensia Prasad Best Voice Modulation Download
Category – 3
Sonal Jaiswal Best Speaker: English Download
Hardik Tahlani Best Speaker: Hindi Download
Harshita Gupta Most Confident Speaker Download
Pakhi Gandhi Best Content Download
Catherine Mariya Joseph Best Presentation Download
Vanisha Kumar Best Voice Modulation Download
Category – 4
Sanika Dashrath Jumale Best Speaker: English Download
Vanya Chanana Best Speaker: Hindi Download
Hiranya Suryavanshi Most Confident Speaker Download
Sarisha Narang Best Content Download
Vaishnavi Paramekanthi Best Presentation Download
Aryendra Jha Best Voice Modulation Download

Certificates of Excellence (Finalists)

Adhrit Srivastava Download
Adhya Dadaraya Download
Advika Basavaraj Nandigatti Download
Adya Kaushik Download
Angeline Bobby Download
Anika Gaur Download
Anisha Ratra Download
Awnish Sheetal Pandita Download
Dhruvi Tejwani Download
Diva Mundhra Download
Gurnoor Kaur Download
Harshita Jha Download
Harshita Kapur Download
Jaagruti Thadani Download
Janhavi Sachin Parnate Download
Jiya Download
Joshua Cherian Download
Navasha Nivedita Download
Neer Chhariya Download
Paridhi Budhwar Download
Pihu Aggarwal Download
Pranavi Bhagwan Sathe Download
Ram Sinha Download
Rishit Sharma Download
Ritisha Jain Download
Siya Agarwal Download
Suhani Khanna Download
Tanishka Tanwari Satpathy Download
Vinayaka R Kuligod Download
Yashika bajaj Download

Certificates of Participation

Aadit Gambhir Download
Aadya Bansal Download
Aahana Sharma Download
Aaradhya Chandra Download
Aaradhya Poduval Download
Aaratrika Rajwar Download
Aarush Amol Pandav Download
Aarush John Download
Aarush Srivastava Download
Aarya Dharmadhikari Download
Aayansh Jha Download
Achyutam Sharma Download
Adhishree Chafekar Download
Adhrit Srivastava Download
Adhya dadaraya Download
Aditi Avinash Jagtap Download
Advika Basavaraj Nandigatti Download
Advika Diptajeet Reddy Download
Adya Kaushik Download
Ahishayan Pranam Majumdar Download
Ahsana Fathima A.S Download
Akansha Dinesh Murjani Download
Akshaj Joshi Download
Akshaya padmakrishnan Download
Akshita Padhi Download
Amay Bora Download
Amay Chourasiya Download
Amayra Shrivastava Download
Amrit Kumar Singh Download
Anandita Panda Download
Angel Lalwani Download
Angeline Bobby Download
Anika Gaur Download
Anisha Ratra Download
Anjani Kokate Download
Ankit Ray Download
Anoushka Das Download
Anshika Verma Download
Anush Nikam Download
Anvika Nautiyal Download
Anvika Tare Download
Aparna Rajiv Menon Download
Aradhya Agarwal Download
Aradhya Bansal Download
Aradhya Harde Download
Areesha Mitha Download
Arin Swaroop Shah Download
Armaan Gupta Download
Arnav Mahesh Kakade Download
Arnav Mohanty Download
Arohi Biswas Download
Arsh Kenkar Download
Arunnya Chaturvedi Download
Arush Shukla Download
Aryaa Dodani Download
Atharv Tripathi Download
Atharva Akhauri Download
Atharva Verma Download
Atish Mishra Download
Atul Download
Avantika Mishra Download
Avighn Srivastava Download
Avni Uppal Download
Avya Shukla Download
Avyansh Vikram Singh Download
Awnish Sheetal Pandita Download
Ayaan Shofiahmad Patel Download
Ayaansh Jha Download
Ayesha Mohanty Download
Ayush Prasad Download
Barbie Om Sharma Download
Bhargavi Kunte Download
Bhavyank Sanjay shah Download
Bhumi Singh Download
Chaitesh Balu Chaudhari Download
Darsh Garg Download
Darsh Parihar Download
Darshali Agarwal Download
Deekshita Poosarla Download
Dhruti Manish Deo Download
Dhruv garg Download
Dhruvdeep Download
Dhruvi Tejwani Download
Dhwani Singh Download
Diva Mundhra Download
Evancca Raju Download
G.SREYA Download
Gaanavi Gowder Download
Gaurav Bangeja Download
Gauree Jignesh Soni Download
Gurnoor Kaur Download
Harsh Poduval Download
Harshali Vikas Jagtap Download
Harshita Ajwani Download
Harshita Jha Download
Harshita Kapur Download
Heti garg Download
Hirdey lalwani Download
Hridhaan Jadhav Download
Hridyansh Mandal Download
Hrishant Jain Download
Ira Anup Katariya Download
Irmeen Zehra Download
Ishaan Rohan Kulkarni Download
Ishan Dange Download
Ishika Singh Download
J.K.Snekhitha Download
J.L. Viaan Vignesh Download
Jaagruti Thadani Download
Janhavi Parnate Download
Jaspreet Singh Download
Jatin Anand Download
Jennifer Leslie Download
Jiya Download
Joshua Cherian Download
Jyotish Thadani Download
Kalisha Patil Download
Kanav Mandal Download
Karthiksivaram S Download
Kartik Gupta Download
Kashish Prasad Download
Keerat Singh Download
Keshav Mawandia Download
Kevin Bobby Download
Kiara Gupta Download
Kyra Raina Download
Laksh Bhattacharjee Download
M. Sai Krishna Download
M.Radhi Rudra Download
M.Raghav Krishna Download
Maanya Pathak Download
Manan Vashishtha Download
Master Sharvil Penurkar Download
Megan Hannah Alva Download
Meghna Soni Download
Mehar Badwal Download
Mihika Basavraj Devrale Download
Mitali Kulkarni Download
Moksha Neerajkumar Bhatewara Download
Naisha Bhavin Vakil Download
Navasha Nivedita Download
Navya Anand Download
Navya Bhaveshbhai Shah Download
Navya warikoo Download
Neer Chhariya Download
Neev Wadhwani Download
Nirvighna Sudhakar Sable Download
Nishika Budhwar Download
Nitya Pandya Download
Nyara Snehal Acharya Download
Nysa Karim Download
Oishani Pradhan Download
Om Krunal Awthankar Download
Ovee Ritesh Mokal Download
P. D. Shakshikaa Lakshmi Download
P. Sonakshi Download
Palakshi Bisht Download
Paridhi Budhwar Download
Parth Chetan Padhye Download
Parthivi Bhatia Download
Pihu Aggarwal Download
Piyush Choudhary Download
Prabneet kaur Download
Pradyumna Kotkar Download
Pranavi Bhagwan Sathe Download
Pratham Jain Download
Preesha Ajmera Download
Prisha Ladi Download
Prisha Pradhan Download
R Muthumeenaktshi Download
Rajvardhan Punde Download
Ram Sinha Download
Reshmi Mukherjee Download
Reyansh Jain Download
Ria Bhalerao Download
Rishab Bansal Download
Rishit Sharma Download
Ritisha Jain Download
Riya Parvathi Download
Riya Sagar Kenkar Download
S.Havishmathi Download
S.Indhuja Download
Saanvi Shanbhag Download
Saanvi Shree Download
Sai Swarup Dash Download
Saina Riar Download
Saket Gupta Download
Samaira Prasad Download
Samaira Ranjan Download
Samiksha Singh Download
Samridhi Tripathi Download
Sanidhya Singh Download
Sanvi Pravin Janai Download
Sarthak Sharma Download
Satyam Singh Download
Shakya Gaigole Download
Sharabya Banerjee Download
Shlok Ankur Joshi Download
Shobhitha. M Download
Shravani Snehal Bagi Download
Shree Verma Download
Shreeji kolapkar Download
Shreejoy Podder Download
Shriswarup Mishra Download
Shubh Gupta Download
Shubhashrita Rath Download
Siddixa Pandey Download
Siya Agarwal Download
Soha Desai Download
Soham Raut Download
Sourendra Kumar Sahoo Download
Spriha Chakraborty Download
Sripada Shanmukha Jayasurya Download
Suhani Agrawal Download
Suhani Khanna Download
Sukhmani kaur Download
Sumant Jha Download
Suprio Bhattarcharjee Download
SV Rishita Download
Swara Kutre Download
Tanesha Pradhan Download
Tanisha Pradhan Download
Tanishka Goyal Download
Tanishka Kotkar Download
Tanishka Patil Download
Tanishka Tanwari Satpathy Download
Tanishtha Singh Jadon Download
Tanushree Kishor Bhosale Download
Tanvi Dange Download
Toshani Pillay Download
Toshani Sen Download
Urvashi Download
Urvashi Dewangan Download
V. Mahathi Download
V. Padma Lakshmi Download
Vaidehi Mishra Download
Vamika Sinha Download
Vatsala Verma Download
Vayun Vinod Nambudiri Download
Vedaja Mangesh Mane Download
Vedanshi Mantri Download
Vedashree Garud Download
Vidya Kamath Download
Vihaan Jain Download
Vihaan Mahamia Download
Vihaan Sharma Download
Vinayaka R Kuligod Download
Viraaj Kapur Download
Vivaan Kumar Download
Vivaan Shendge Download
Yanshi Sharma Download
Yashashvi Kashyap Download
Yashika Bajaj Download
Yashree Snehsl Acharya Download
Yashvi Choudhary Download
Yogaa Lakshmi Download
Zunaira Batool Download
Zynah Husain Download

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