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“Good books at the early age is the foundation for more complex books in the future.”

While there are plethora of good content in the market, reading is a boring and daunting task for the young. Especially with the alternatives to entertainment such as movies and games.
A good classic is perhaps what is needed for a child to understand the value of books and acquire a taste for reading.
To ensure the children are well read, it is of utmost importance to ensure the availability of the same.
Below are my five picks of books recommended for children under 15years of age-

Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson
Genre – Adventure fiction; ‎Young adult literature
Being one of my first novels as teen and a gift by my aunt, this particular book paved way for hundred more.
Originally published in the year 1882, is an all-time classic. It engulfs one in the settings of a pre 18 th century setup with pirates and gold. Although it is a long book, it is full of action, mutiny, adventure, and loot.” This fast-paced story reveals deep lessons about the human spirit through legendary characters like Jim Hawkins and Long John Silver.
While there are multiple versions of the book available in the market I recommend the unabridged version.

The Diary of a Yound Girl” by Anne Frank
Genre – Non-fiction, Biography, Autobiography
“The Diary Of A Young Girl” by Anne Frank, the most read book in the human history, second to the Bible, is one of the moving tales describing the Holocaust. The diary was discovered in the attic where Anne spent the last years of her life. In this journal, Anne gives vivid details of her experiences during the World War 1. The book reminds us of the horrors of the war and is a testament to the human spirit. It gives a commentary on the frailty of life and human courage. It is one of the most recommended classic of all time.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain
Genre – satire, folk, children’s literature

Another classic in my list of five. The adventures of tom sawyer was first published in the year 1876.
Set in the year 1840 along the Mississippi river, this story showcases the life of a young boy named Tom Sawyer, a troublemaker. After Tom gets in trouble, he is ordered by Aunt Polly, with whom he lives, to whitewash their fence. Tom being a clever boy would persuade the children in the neighborhood to do the job. He would make the job sound exciting, and when they’d ask if they could do it, he’d take small trinkets and treasures from them in return for panting the fence. The book tells you about the unstoppable Tom and the several adventures he goes on.
This story features satire, humor, and social criticism, making it one of the finest works of classic literature for children.
While there are multiple versions of the book available in the market I recommend the unabridged version.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho :
Genre – Novel, Fantasy Fiction, Drama, Quest, Adventure fiction
The Alchemist(first publishes in the year 1988) by Paulo Coelho’s is a brilliant blend of spirituality, inspiration, and magical realism. It inspires you to dream. It is a story of Santiago, a young shepherd’s and his realization that there’s always more to life. Instilled with faith and hope, he sets on a journey that takes him beyond the sands of dessert, rivers and mountains; through tragedies, disappointments, wars and despair.
This book in particular helps one find their true purpose through all the challenges and difficulties.
This one particular book has changed people’s lives across nations.

The Harry Potter series by J.K.Rowling :
Genre – Novel, Fantasy Fiction, Drama, Quest, Adventure fiction
While the series could easily take up all the five slots and more, it’s best to club it under one, making space for more. The books take you on an adventure filled with wonders and magic. It leaves the reader mesmerized throughout the series, wanting for more.
It takes roughly 60 hours to complete the entire series of books compared to the meagre 18 hours of content through movies. The books are more detailed with better character depiction and content, as compared to the movies.

While there are countless other books, one better than the other, these are the ones that shaped my liking towards learning.

I personally recommend graphic novels and short stories for non-readers to begin their journey into reading. It is highly recommended to have a diverse set of books readily available at arm’s reach.
Happy reading!

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