Peter Drucker, the most influential management writer of the modern era states,
“We now accept the fact that learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast of
change. And the most pressing task is to teach people how to learn.”

Education teaches man to adapt himself to his situational environment. There can
be a pause but not an end to the journey of learning, there can only be a comma
but never a full stop. However, to be an effective lifelong learner we need to have
the desire as well as stay motivated. A person’s desire for knowledge should be
like a horizon that goes farther away the closer one gets, the more one learns the
more one understands that there is more to learn.

As parents and teachers, we need to tell our young ones that, we too are
constantly learning to better ourselves. Encouraging them to make their decisions,
exposes them to new experiences which helps them be keen observers as well as
understand to learn better. Engaging them in activities enhances the scope of
learning new skills to attain more information.

Reading and expressing go hand in hand. One is passive while the other is an active
way of seeking knowledge. Discussion on what has been read, enables independent
learning as well as helps develop more interest towards a subject. Discussion is a
group activity which encourages the young ones to present what they have
understood. Sharing of ideas encourages listening and accepting ideas which makes
learning a never-ending journey.

Encouraging to develop an analytical and inquiring mind helps them develop an
ability to think out of the box. They learn to work things out instead of providing
quick-fixes. By asking suggestions we are helping stimulate their thought process
which further helps them to be innovative and imaginative. A revolutionary
creative approach towards problem solving helps design their mind which will
benefit them to lead an intellectually satisfying life.

We can set a day aside to discuss a particular topic of interest or even make a ‘To-
learn’ list. This concept of learning together helps the child develop a learning
style which is more interesting. Once the keenness for knowledge is instilled,
learning can easily become a life-long activity nurturing the human mind. Listening
to podcasts, supervised access to blogs, online archives of books and magazines
gives him full opportunity to be a lifelong and eager learner.

Learning cannot be confined to academics and job skills. It is a pursuit of
knowledge in what interests as well as understanding the contemporary
information. This provides better opportunities and improves the quality of life.

Professionally, it helps be more efficient at work place, keeps the brain healthy,
helps stay connected. It brings meaning to life and having the purpose fulfilled,
brings harmony, peace and happiness.

The universe being so vast, lifelong learning can include sports, vocational courses,
various subjects, language, new technology, skillsets and even games. It can start
with what is interesting to what is the need of the hour. It is a process that goes
beyond school and so it is more voluntary than compulsory. The main purpose is to
improve our mental capability and enhance our skills to survive effectively amidst
varying mindsets. Daily interaction with colleagues is a form of a self-taught
learning skill that broadens one’s knowledge and stimulates the mind to make
contribution to the society.

One should never stop learning as life never stops teaching, this is what the wise
believe. An article by “Mission to Learn’ says that to become a true lifelong
learner it is important to incorporate five habits – consciousness, faith,
engagement, reflection and humility. It is important that we keep the windows of
our mind open as our brain thrives on new neurological routes to activate the
intellectual functioning. This further has a positive effect on mental sharpness and
improves mental health. It kills the monotony of a complacent lifestyle. Such
complacency gives birth to boredom. Only curiosity can kill boredom.

Having satisfied the intellectual growth by self-development we find meaning to
our lives. Knowledge earned is never futile as it proves beneficial in making our
environment progressive. It has become imperative that we understand this truth
as the digital world is expanding with a faster pace. It is essential that we are at
par with everything and open the doors to various opportunities that are created.

The progress of the universe rests solely in the hands of our children. Science,
technology, engineering and mathematics must be incorporated in their lives. They
need to be encouraged to delve deeper into the depths of information. Dedication
towards conscious learning can be made possible by seminars and workshops where
one can find abundance of knowledge. Learn with them and a habit will be
instilled. Hold their hands, walk with them and curiosity will help them find a way
towards lifelong learning.

However difficult it may sound all one needs to be is, sincere and determined.
Perseverance and dedication will create a miracle. It will open a world of
innovative wisdom which will draw the learners further into itself and that is when
the true Big Bang will explode, only this time it will be intellectual.

“The key to pursuing excellence is to embrace an organic, long-term learning
process, and not to live in a shell of static, safe mediocrity. Usually, growth comes
at the expense of previous comfort or safety.”
— Josh Waitzkin

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