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Year 2020 changed the way education was looked at from all stakeholder’s perspective. The uncertainty that followed the pandemic 2020 has also largely contributed to loss of economic, educational and recreational activities. The whole scenario has added a little more ambiguity for parents to choose the best course of education for their wards. The basic question arises in the mind of the parents that How one chooses the Best School for their child? Here are few pointers that how the lexicon International School have been coping up and delivering educational standards amidst the crisis.

A. Knowledge Up-gradation
a. Continuous Learning Ecosystem- The Lexicon International School is built around an ecosystem of continuous learning through various modes. Here not only the children are subjected to learning the curriculum but the teachers also undergo rigorous trainings conducted by CBSE, NCERT and other govt. affiliated organizations.
b. Holistic Learning & Development- Learning should never be linear. Promoting the holistic learning & development, at the Lexicon group of institutes a plethora of learning platforms are provided to all the stakeholders including Students, Teachers, Parents and Staff members. From Fitness Fridays to regular Physical Education Classes, From Global Olympiads to Model United Nations, a safe and secure space is provided for Physical, Emotional, Cognitive and Social Development of all.
c. Multiple Intelligence- With a strong belief in the words of George Evans- Every Student Can learn, just not on the same day or in the same way, we incorporate learning through the Multiple Intelligence concept. Multiple Intelligence theory is practiced through every lesson by providing a learner centric approach to every concept.
B. Skill Development
a. Critical Thinking- In order to inculcate critical thinking amongst the young inquisitive minds, a special Research & Development session is conducted for students. Through this the students conduct independent research under the guidance of their mentor and present their case study in front of a Jury Panel.
b. DEAR (Drop Everything and Read)- Today in the digital era, the scope of reading is diminishing as Internet has become the ultimate source of information. To imbibe the habit of reading the DEAR program is run throughout the primary years.
c. Competitive Exam Preparation- With an advanced curriculum followed at The Lexicon International School, through various ventures the students are prepared for the competitive exams like JEE, NEET etc. The practice sessions make them comfortable about how do one attempt a computer-based tests.
C. Behavioural Development
a. Inclusion – Practicing Inclusion in Education is like finding a needle in the sea. However, with small steps on regular basis we are advancing towards more inclusive space for learning of all needs.
b. Equal Participation- An equal opportunity is provided to bring sense of belongingness to all the students here at the Lexicon International School. Events are organized such as Special Assemblies, Research & Development, Caterpillar to Butterfly which provides equal participation to all the students and brings equity to practice.
c. Seven Habits of Highly effective people- A firm believer of Steven R. Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly effective people by the team Lexicon, the seven habits are ensured to be practiced throughout the curriculum, extra -curricular and co-curricular delivery. Such practices uplift the self-concept of the students, teachers alike and promotes a healthy learning environment.

d. Counselling & Career Advancement Sessions- Dedicated Counselling sessions to cater the cases of behavioural difficulties, personal challenges, Adolescent issues and Career queries are conducted throughout the year. Special Sessions on Career Advancement through guest talks are planned to provide a better perspective to the career choices of the students.

With such a varied range of possibilities to learn, indeed a School is more than just learning. It’s a space to promote Health, Happiness and holistic development of an individual. At Lexicon Schools, we believe in creating Global Leaders of future!

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