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Nelson Mandela rightly said: “Education is the most powerful weapon through which you can change the world”. Here, he talked about both academic education as well as moral value education. And, value education has the power to change the world.

What do you do when you plan to make a Pizza? Do you start by heating the pan or switching on the microwave first or preparing with basic ingredients? Of course, you have to start from the very beginning. You take the base and cut out veggies for the topping. You then spread the required
ingredients on the pizza base and put it on a pan or in the microwave to make it crispy and tasty. The end result is a yummy, tasty pizza on your plate, closely meeting the requirements of “ideal” cooking. Think of this entire process as the basis for shaping the future of children in the top-tier city schools in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, etc. 
To achieve the goal of raising and building an educated, responsible and skilled workforce of tomorrow, we have to start from the very beginning. The first step in this process is to provide quality education with values to our children that will help shape them into becoming an ideal student and
citizen of the future. 
Various schools in Pune have shaped their curriculum based on the needs and demands of the future of education in India, following the recommendations of the New Education Policy. Voicing individual opinions on things that matter, having the ability to discuss topics of national and international importance, developing the trait of debating on issues of concern backed by relevant facts and figures, etc. are qualities that schools help their students acquire. Moreover, they provide real-time opportunities to implement their learning and skills to give justice to their knowledge. This offers the student a chance for self-evaluation, leaving ample scope to better themselves at existing skills and gain new ones.

The Focus of Education based on the NEP 2020:

Based on the various recommendations of the National Education Policy (NEP) of 2020, some of the best CBSE schools in Pune and other important cities are focusing to implement the following measures:

  • Critical thinking and logical reasoning
  • Application-based learning
  • Importance given to technology-based education
  • Equal importance to academic and co-curricular activities
  • Skillful, vocational education from middle school
  • Varied combination of subjects, each given equal significance
  • Strong digital infrastructure to support digital learning 
  • Highly qualified and experienced teachers and coaches

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”
– Malcolm X.

Schools in Pune and other big and small cities are working in unison to build the best international schools to shape the future of children in India. Schools like The Lexicon School strives to engrave strong values in children, which is necessary in our next generation global leaders. To make our students globally competitive, undivided by knowledge and skills, both parents and teachers are working hard towards achieving the common goal of our nation – quality education for our children. Let’s join hands in making this a reality for our students, the future of a skilled India.

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