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India as a country has an education system that has stood the test of time while constantly improving every single year. Students have a wide variety of boards to choose from considering the fact that India has over 50 sanctioned boards and despite most of them being state exclusive boards, there’s no lack of choice. Today we’ll be talking about one specific board. This educational board is both, widely acknowledged and the number one choice for students and parents alike. Yes, you guessed it right! It’s CBSE (short for Central Board of Secondary Education).
Now you may be wondering why this board has gained such immense popularity among the Indian student community. You may also be on the opposite end going through countless articles on the web trying to decide on a suitable board for your ward. Well, search no more since this article is all you need to make your decision.

Starting with a very general outlook, CBSE is the most prominent board in this country. It has various benefits which outweigh its cons by a huge margin, and is also streamlined towards preparation for most competitive exams in India. It is also very student friendly and encourages understanding and participation over rote learning.

Now let’s take a minute to talk about why CBSE is loved all across India:

  1. The syllabus followed by CBSE is in accordance with that of most competitive exams that take place in India which effectively gives students studying in CBSE an educational advantage due to being raised in a similar environment.
  2. CBSE focuses on a diverse set of languages through the medium of optional subjects which helps in general development of a student. English and Hindi are compulsory as subjects which is mainly due to CBSE’s international approach to education. This helps students to grow from an international perspective while sticking close to their roots as Indian citizens.
  3. Due to a nationwide presence of schools that follow CBSE, relocation is made very easy to everyone who plans on shifting schools. It’s practically a seamless process due to easy availability all across India.
  4. Another wonderful aspect of CBSE is the provision provided to private students to appear for exams instead of just students studying in CBSE affiliated schools. This is something not every board provides and needs to be appreciated.
  5. CBSE follows a methodical and scientific approach to exams and education in general which enables students to appear for just one exam paper per subject, which is a big relief in today’s competitive environment.
  6. CBSE has always been a student friendly board that promotes a healthy environment for students to grow up in. It removes all aspects of external pressure and ensures that students are fit, both, mentally and physically.
  7. Despite this being an external advantage, tuitions for CBSE students are far more common than tuitions for other boards due to the widespread nature of CBSE schools.

These are just some of the advantages each CBSE student can take benefit of in order to excel at an educational level. Considering all the above-mentioned points, CBSE should definitely be your first target while choosing your school.

We hope to have cleared all your doubts!

Ekam Khera
Student Editorial

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