Sacrificing Your Child’s Innate Talents Just For Getting An A+. - Lexicon

Education is the sole basis on which the human race depends for a peaceful life. It is a crucial aspect which enhances the understanding and learning skills of an individual. Scholars around the globe consider education as a key to a healthy mind and successful life. Education is much more than just getting knowledge and information. Under education, lie many valuable aspects which are pivotal for development. For this it is extremely important to understand the different facets of education. All educational institutes try to mould students and develop their all-rounded personality, but the societal expectations are different. When we talk about society, even today, the success of any student is measured on the basis of the child’s grades or marks scored. Parents are always worried of their child securing grades less than A or A+. Even students tend to think in terms of grades only.
The school days are the golden years of any individual, and that time should be used to build our memories. For 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, students attempt to follow the curriculum of Math, Science, English and History, while attempting to learn things, it is more important to grow our inner potential. Endless nights are spent with noses buried in books just trying to score a perfect grade.  However, this cycle of stress and pressure of exams during the weekdays minimizes the creativity of students.
School years are formative years and students learn not only for the present but for the future too. So, it becomes essential for them to not only educate themselves but learn the nuances of practical life. However, this is not the case; our education systems has academics as the main focus rather than sports and arts. However this concept is slowly changing with the CBSE emphasising on Joyful learning and Art Integration, which is a welcome change for all.
But even now, students who are talented in other fields like arts or sports are rarely encouraged to explore their talent because of the fear of low academic grades. Academic grades are considered as symbols of superior intellect. Teachers and parents both want grades from students and in the virtue of fulfilling the expectations of the society, students suppress their inner potential. This situation is highly discouraging for individuals, leading to anxiety and depression. The happiness quotient among the children and school students is low as the students are depressed without even knowing what it really means. The Lexicon Schools encourage students with creativity and skills. Words like innovation, talents, skills, creativity are nurtured in our schools which are the pillars of students’ mental health as well as life.
In keeping with the NEP 2020 the focus is on keeping students happy in the class. In addition, vocational education too has been added for the grade 9 upwards. Subjects like coding are added to the curriculum which has been started in the Lexicon Schools since 2016 as Curriculum in our schools involves multiple intelligences and eight habits which encourages all round development of every Lexiconite. Definitely, grades encourage students to work hard but it shouldn’t be the ultimate aim for their life. If Sachin Tendulkar would have sacrificed his innate talent to get good grades, India would have missed a Legend like him, so, everyone should pursue their dreams to the best. Educators can implement new teaching methods that give students a better chance to learn, methods that take advantage of what we know about peak performance and the importance of practice in developing skills and knowledge.

“By education, I mean an all-round drawing of the best in child and man in body, mind and spirit.”
Mahatma Gandhi.

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