Prehistoric Traits That We Live With - Lexicon

Prehistoric traits is the quality or attribute that we humans lived within the past and are also living in the present. History was grouped into 4 periods. First period was Pre-history [to 600 BC] . Prehistory is also known as pre-line to line history. It is period associated with use of first stone tools. Pre –history is typically clumped into 3 archaeological periods :- Stone age , Bronze age and Iron age .Stone age is also known as Paleolithic which is set about to with aspect of first human beings and ends with 8000 years before Christ .During The Stone age people were nomadic they wandered from place to place .They ate raw fruits and vegetables .They started hunting animals as most of them were hunters and gatherers . People lived in tribes , small grouped formed .Both paleolithic men and women wore dress made from animals skin .They used tools such as axe ,wooden bows which they carved out themselves. People then got to know how land can be cultivated and how crops can be grown . So they started growing crops .With the development of agriculture Stone age ends and Bronze age starts .
Bronze age is known as Neolithic period .In this period people started cultivating crop with the development of agriculture .They also started raising animals .People made their first settlement near rivers valleys and plains as these places provide good land for agriculture and kids do not need to travel long distance in order to bring water . In neolithic many great things happened , The Invention of wheel and making up of pots took place in neolithic period .People started using metals so this is the period when Bronze age ends and Iron age starts .Iron age is also known as Metal ages .The first metal to be used by human beings was copper ,then bronze and then Iron .Metals were melted in the fire so that they can be converted into desired shape ,this process is called metallurgist .People started making many things in this period .They also started the process of swaping that is exchanging things .Trade began ,Craft began , first language was written ,Religion started developing .This is how metal ages ended and modern era begins.Prehistoric culture means the time throughout expansion of human
culture previous to advent of writing . The main beginning of information for prehistory began with a branch of anthropology .Anthropology means the study of human development and their cultures . Some ancient traits that we people live with are :-

  1. The capability to walk on two legs this was developed 4 Million years ago and still this trait is being followed .
  2. Earlier humans kept climbed trees and walk on the ground ,this same trait is being followed.
  3. Earlier humans keep on inventing new things like the Invention of the wheel ,making up of pots same trait is being followed people are inventing many new devices and machines like smartphones ,smartwatches ,foldable mobile etc.
  4. We follow the rituals which were made by our ancestors.
  5. Earlier also we human beings used our brain for thinking and now also we use our brains for thinking.
  6. Earlier we human used to express our feeling using symbols when we didn’t know how to speak and now also to express are feeling we use symbols such as for saying good bye we wave our hands. We have also started using a number of emojis.
  7. We human beings in past used to live a social life and now also most of us do spent time doing some enjoyable things with our family members and friends ,etc.

We all can see with the invention of the wheel newer modes of transport came in, the invention of fire, led to the practice of cooking .Like this we human beings changed the world. This trait is still being followed .
We humans change the world.

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