Stress Is Not Given-it Is Taken - Lexicon

“Pain is a relatively objective, physical phenomenon; suffering is our psychological resistance to what happens. Events may create physical pain, but they do not in themselves create suffering. Resistance creates suffering. Stress happens when your mind resists what is… The only problem in your life is your mind’s resistance to life as it unfolds. ”
― Dan Millman
Sufferings, pains, worries, social or mental pressure, problems, etc. are other names given to the concept called “Stress”.
In my opinion, It has many types and their subtypes. Someone is not happy at his/her work place and one extra work makes them feel stressful, someone is not happy in his/her relationship so the person is stressful about how to continue, someone is not able to bear a good name in the society so there is stress in the family, parents are stressful for their children and the whole world is going through a stressful situation due to Covid-19. Stress ultimately leads to the one most common disease called “depression”.
We have not even left the kids stress-free. Being in the field of teaching for almost 15 years, I have seen some of my students going through stress, having peer pressure or pressure from home to get good ranks, going to the tuitions to strengthen the subject they are weak in. I have seen one of the friends of mine, not setting herself free of the toxic married life due to the family’s status and living everyday under stress, I have seen one of my neighbours getting kicked-off from the MNC due to pandemic situation and later suffering through depression.
Does being in the stress or under depression set you free from all the problems and worries?
If so, please continue to have it.
If not, then why?
There are many health and social organisations who help people dealing with depression to be free from it. The “Art of living” is one of the examples. People do get healed over there, There is one as such in Lonavala and Igatpuri, Nashik where people do register themselves for mediation
rounds and trying to free themselves which is not a bad idea. But at the same time there are some who take advantage of the mentality of the people and charge really high fees to get them out of depression. Isn’t this itself a way of making someone stressful?
As far as I see, the stress is not given but taken. Why do today’s children take studies as a means of giving stress? Why do the men/women suffer from their relationship which is not working fine for them rather move on from it and become stress-free? Instead of having stress of being jobless, why not take it as an opportunity to have a new beginning? A couple of days back, I had seen a lady in the news channel, she is from Punjab. In her family, all the men lost their source of income due to pandemic and they were jobless, the lady is the eldest person in the family, she is seventy-seven years old. She started a juice centre right in front of her house, purchased a small machine that works manually and sells sweet lemon’s juice, made by her, at the age of seventy-seven, she earns enough to save her family from starving. Did she take stress of losing the income source? No, instead she gave birth to the new source of income and now her juice centre is so famous that people make sure to take a halt of some time and have freshly made juice and push off. Not only her but the entire family too has joined her to attend the customers. Had she taken the stress, the entire family would have suffered starving and depression.
There are many such stories which inspire us to set ourselves free from stress. When you overthink, you carry that stress with you already. Taking stress leads you to nothing but depression.

Following are the top 10 stress statistics of 2021, according to the MedAlertHelp website on Google

  • The lowest stress levels are recorded in adults older than 72.
  • 80% of millennials are stressed about money, as millennials stress statistics show.
  • Teenagers report a stress level of 5.8 out of 10 during the school year.
  • One in five college students has thought about suicide.
  • China has seen the highest rise in workplace stress—86%.
  • 83% of Americans are worried about the future of the nation.
  • Nearly 25% of people report feeling extreme stress during the holidays.
  • 45% of college students seek counselling due to stress.
  • Around 70% of students are often or always stressed about schoolwork.
  • About 14% of US citizens exercise regularly to handle stress.

Let us not take stress and pledge together to make the world free from stress.

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