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“It is the choices we make, that make us who we are!”

An individual’s life in today’s world is not just defined by the work one does but also but also by the work-life balance one maintains. When one is satisfied with the work the individual is doing, it harbours happiness and the balance is restored in itself, effortlessly. Everyone defines success in their own terms, for some it might be the monetary gain, where as for some it might be the satisfaction of work well done. Everyone is motivated by variant factors, but we also tend to have a dominant motivational focus in particular domains of life, like work and love. What’s essential is to understand that how motivation plays a key role in maneuvering our strengths and weaknesses not just in our work life but also in our personal life choreographing our mental health.
Now-a-days a career is not something that is restricted to 9-5 routine, rather it is a lifestyle of an individual. Amidst the generation – Z, the exposure and internet growth that has taken place, a boost of career opportunities are created to satisfy the need of hour, which can rather be a confusing experience than an enriching one. Therefore, making an important life decision like selecting a career path requires careful consideration and self-reflection. The better you understand your own wants and needs, the more guidance you will have on your career search. To find a career that is compatible with the lifestyle one want, spend time thinking about different factors to get a well-rounded idea of one’s personal goals and aspirations. It is extremely crucial to be analytical and introspective in choosing a career based on your skill set and personality.
There are different aspects that contribute while choosing a career path.



On the risk sounding like a cliché; passion is an indispensable factor in choosing a career path When being passionate about what you do, your chances of making a good living are much higher. You will be more dedicated to your job, more invested and therefore you will become more successful, as opposed to doing something that does not interest you, or worse, something that you hate. If you are lost about what your passions are, you need to think outside of the box. What are your hobbies and which of them can be marketed? It might be cooking, drawing, writing, doing research etc.


While passion is one of the most important factors when choosing a career, skills come second, as skills can be learnt and taught. Someone, who is passionate about something but doesn’t have the skills, can become so much better than someone who does have the skills, however, lacks Passion.
It is required though, to be realistic, but if you are really passionate about it, you can learn the skills.


In these times of instability, it’s always good to try to secure a good-paying job or a career path that leads to making a good living.
In order to do that, the smartest thing to do is create a list of passions and marketable skills that you have and then research jobs that require those skills, along with growth opportunities starting with those jobs.

A career assessment test

A Career Assessment test is also one way to explore your own traits or character to know yourself better. It compiles of diverse ways to test your various skills and identify patterns in your answer that help your evaluate yourself. The result or career choices will be a possible compliment to your natural talents or even innate ones. It’s a way of self-discovery not just regarding career but also in your personality.

Certifications Required

Nowadays all companies require a degree for any type of job. It depends of course on the company and industry. For any kind of job, you will need a degree, there’s no way around it. The same applies to becoming a doctor, architect, etc.


Trends in the job market change from year to year. In today’s dynamic world, you may not follow the trend but create one as you go. Don’t follow blind-folded into any stream because it looks attractive on the outside. Research before entering the field, shadow a personality you admire or is your ideal. Intern at different places, explore the choices and then move to a conscious choice.


Another factor to consider is the environment that you will be working in.
Take a look at your current behavior in your free time. Where do you invest your time? Can that be turned into anything productive? What kind of social-behaviour are you comfortable with?

In conclusion, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. You will discover what your passion along the way. Take one day at a time and sometimes what we are looking for is right in front of us. So think deeper and choose wiser.
Best of luck.

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