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‘Tips on how to raise a Bookworm’

“Books are the quietest and the most constant of friends; they are the most
accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient teachers.” – Charles
William Eliot

Reading has at all times and in all ages been a source of knowledge, of
happiness, of pleasure and even moral courage. In today’s world with so much
more to know and to learn and also the need for a conscious effort to conquer
the divisive forces, the importance of reading has increased. In the olden days if
reading was not cultivated or encouraged, there was a substitute for it in the
religious sermon and in the oral tradition
Reading is a very good habit one needs to develop in life. Good books can
inform you, enlighten you and lead you in the right direction. Once you start
reading, you experience a whole new world. When you start loving the habit
of reading you eventually get addicted to it. Reading has many pros like it
helps you enhancing your vocabulary and language skills, relive some stress
and anxiety, they act as your best friend when you are bored, upset, depressed
lonely or annoyed.
Here are some advantages of reading books:

  1. Self-Improvement
    Reading helps you develop positive thinking. Reading is important because
    it develops your mind and gives you excessive knowledge and lessons of
    life. It helps you understand the world around you better. It keeps your
    mind active and enhances your creative ability.
  2. Communication Skills
     Reading improves your vocabulary and develops your communication
    skills. It helps you learn how to use your language creatively. Not only does
    it improve your communication but it also makes you a better writer. Good
    communication is important in every aspect of life.
  3. Reduces Stress
     Reading a good book takes you in a new world and helps you relieve your
    day-to-day stress. It has several positive effects on your mind, body, and
    soul. It stimulates your brain muscles and keeps your brain healthy and
  4. Boosts your Imagination and Creativity
     Reading takes you to the world of imagination and enhances your
    creativity. Reading helps you explore life from different perspectives. While
    you read books you are building new and creative thoughts, images and
    opinions in your mind. It makes you think creatively, fantasize and use your
  5. Reduces Boredom 
    Journeys for long hours or a long vacation from work can be pretty boring
    in spite of all the social sites. Books come in handy and release you from

We all know the importance of reading, but how can we give ourselves the
best opportunity of becoming life time readers?

On this note here are some tips on How to raise a “Bookworm”:

  1. Surround yourself with books
    Start by have accessibility to a variety of reading materials like
    newspapers, magazines or small books.
  2. Visit your local bookstore or library
    Nothing can be more exciting than a special trip to the library or local
    bookstore! When you are surrounded by so many fresh books, you are
    ought to have a great time and be inspired.
  3. Use Technology
    if you have access to iPad, kindle or something similar, you may want to
    explore the world of electronic book readers in quest to raise a reader.
  4. Set aside quiet reading time each day
    The importance of reading aloud cannot be overstated. Still, silent
    reading is important too.
  5. Reread, even when you don’t want to
    As children read the same book almost every day, we all learn through
    repetition, so do not get discouraged if you feel that you are reading
    and rereading the same books every day.
  6. Participate in literary clubs
     By being a part of literary clubs, you will get an opportunity to discuss
    the books he reads, debate about the plots, and analyze the characters.
    This again, will motivate him to read more and more.
  7. Create book lists
    Compile a reading list for yourself or your family. Get yourself to choose
    the books you want to read and include them in the list. Make sure to
    include various genres.
  8. Draw up a reading plan
    Along with the reading list, you can also come up with a reading plan for
    say, six months or a year. That’ll motivate you to keep reading towards a
    goal. It’ll also provide some healthy competition within the family to see
    who reads the maximum number of books within a stipulated period.

Look for new books and authors that you may enjoy.
Organize an area dedicated to reading and writing tools.
Visit the library for story time and book recommendations.
Encourage yourself and read more.
Talk, communicate more and enhance your vocabulary
Offer a variety of books to read.
Read every day.
Expand your home library to include magazines and nonfiction.
Ask questions
Decide to raise a reader!

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