Why Do We Have An On-Field Counselor? - Lexicon

“Mental health is not a destination, but a process. It’s about how you drive, not where you’re going.”

Mental health has always been a priority at Lexicon and counselling has always been an integral part of the system. Counselling is an umbrella term used in a broader sense where therapies are used to help an individual, but also provide a safe space where the individual can express oneself without any fear and know that whatever they disclose will be confidential.

Students today face different challenges and pressures that need additional support so they grow up as well rounded individuals. Students of different age groups need different type of emotional and academic support and while the younger children might benefit from academic help or dealing with emotions, the higher grade children need help to understand or explore ones thoughts and feelings or ones relationship with friends and family. As one grows and learns new things a counsellor can also be a life coach helping and guiding the individual towards being more self-aware and realising ones potential. A counsellor holds many roles in a school and each role plays an important role in the wholistic development. Sometimes a counsellor can just be a person whom one can vent to or discuss their problems in a healthy manner and find ways of coping with or resolving the issue or improve one’s behaviour or discuss ones future plans to gain more insight and set goals or help with the emotional and social development or deal with issues like bullying and its effects. Each session in a school setup is tailor made according to the student’s needs.

As a school, we feel responsible to equip our students with not just academic advancements but also flourish in every aspect of their personal, professional and social life and face every challenge head on and the in house counsellor through individual and group counselling sessions focusses on preparing students for every obstacle, motivating and encouraging them to express themselves and equipping them with 21 st century skills helping them transition from children to young adults with the right skill set. Parent counselling sessions are also an integral part to provide help and support and address their concerns and regular discussions with teachers are conducted to provide aid whenever required.

The school counsellor also is a part of various welfare committees and initiatives, one being the “I DO CARE” initiative wherein all the students can communicate the grievances or issues they are facing with fellow students, staff, teachers or issues at home wherein the counsellor addressed every issue and speaks to the child and the concerned person finding solutions for the problems.

Due to COVID 19 there is still a lot of uncertainty which is impacting our mental and physical health, our schedules and routines continuous counselling sessions provide the students with constant support helping them deal with it as well as adapt to the situation well.

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