Eco-friendly Practices at the Lexicon Schools - Lexicon

The Lexicon Schools not only strive towards academic excellence in its students but also aim at creating an eco-friendly environment as a moral and social responsibility. With the alarming increase in global temperatures and increased climatic changes in the recent past, it has become increasingly important for the current generation to understand the impact of their actions on the environment. Schools believe that true change can be brought about only through knowledge and awareness. Being a place of education, The Lexicon Schools also believe that the correct attitude and mindset takes root easily when the seed is planted early in impressionable young minds. Our schools practice the same by leading through example and including a few sustainable habits in the routines of the students.

Educating children regarding the detrimental effect of plastic on the environment and providing eco-friendly alternatives is one of the major goals of our school. To this end, our school encourages the students to use steel water bottles and tiffin boxes. The students are encouraged to extend this habit in their daily lives at their homes as well. Activities such as, Cloth Bag Making Activity, Paper Bag Making Activity, Best out of Waste Activity etc., are regularly conducted for the children, to find innovative ways and techniques to utilise plastic and other waste items, and create things of utility through the practice of the three Rs- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. These activities not only foster a spirit of innovation amongst the students but also help them to review the potential of plastic as a raw material to create Best out of Waste.

At Lexicon, the students are also provided with a lot of opportunities to interact with nature. Bare minimal interaction with the natural environment due to the urban lifestyles is one of the main causes of children being unhappy and stressed. Through simple activities like Tree plantation activity, gifting plant saplings, watering the plants with the leftover water in the water bottles, the children are encouraged to reconnect with nature and become active participants in conserving nature.

The school also educates and creates awareness amongst the students as well as their parents through role plays, skit/dance, drama, enactments and songs on the themes of sustainability of environment through eco-friendly practices. The best example of such events are the C2B (Caterpillar to Butterfly) events and the R&D (Research and Development) programmes on topics like ‘Our Environment’ and ‘Plastic-the Global Pandemic’, wherein the students actually conduct research and surveys to understand the root cause of the different issues of the environment, their harmful effects and the different ways to prevent or curb them. Such activities provide the students with a platform to speak their minds and offer innovative solutions towards a sustainable environment. Nukkad Nataks (Street Plays) and rallies are also organised to enable the students to engage with the general public and the society in creating awareness regarding eco friendly practices.

Thus through all the aforementioned activities, The Lexicon Schools aim at empowering each and every student to create a genuine change in the attitude and mindset of the society towards a clean and green environment.


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